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What Happens with Cheryl Burke? She Looked Very Skinny

A professional dancer, Cheryl Stephanie Burke was born in San Francisco, California, USA, 3 May 1984 to Sherry and Stephen Burke. She is most known as a shining dancer of ABC’s “Dancing with the star.” She had performed dancing when she was only four. At that time she took ballet as her focus, but she changed her focus in the ballroom and Latin dances. In the age of 13, she has taken part in a dancing competition. Dancing with the star brings her into top popularity. She has competed since the second season of that program for 18 seasons. From the second and third season, she along with her partner, Drew Lachey (2nd season), and Emmit Smith (3rd season) hit the first place. Her noticeable recognition was in 2005 when she received World cup professional rising star Latin champion, San Francisco Latin champion and Ohio ball rising star latin champion. Her appearance in TV is famous among Asian; then she was chosen as the winner of the viewer’s choice award in Asian Excellence award in 2008. She is not only an object of admiration but also critics.  A year ago she was criticized for gaining a very fat body, and her transformation into a skinny body leads her to be judged as a plastic surgery fan.

Her weight loss just makes her too skinny

Cheryl Burke always is defeated by the news media. When she was over-weight, the media criticized a lot about her fat appearance. She was helpless when she could not defend her fatty body. Recently, when she appeared to be slimmer, they said that Burke is too skinny. Burke who has been slammed because of her fat body tries to change people’s point of view about her appearance. She poses in bikini. From her photos, it’s obvious that she got significant weight loss that makes her much slimmer now.

Regarding her weight loss, she admits that she has reduced 15 pounds fat in her body.  Some of her fans guess that she has undergone plastic surgery to gain that thinner body. They think that she lost all of her fats. Based on Cheryl Burke before and after surgery photos, it indicates that the surgeon’s knife has magically changed her body shape. The Cheryl Burke plastic surgery has made Burke feel irritated. She depends that she never endures unnatural way to get her ideal body shape. She gets wonderful weight loss because she maintains good living style.

Do you think she has lips augmentation?

Her vacation photo really brings her in trouble related to her association with plastic surgery. Every her attractive part is criticized by her followers. After judged as being too skinny because of plastic surgery, she is suspected of undergoing plastic surgery on her lips. Cheryl Burke after plastic surgery shows that she has more plumping and pronounce lips. It seems that she corrects her lips to be more attractive. Burke before plastic surgery has pumped lips, but it’s not as pronounced as now.  It might be lips augmentation works on her lips. Burke cannot stand reading her follower’s negative comments about her transformation. She thinks that some people should know that even when she was a child, she had wide lips. Nothing changes and her current lips’ look is naturally gifted. In burke’s childhood, her wide lips became her weakness because she had such big ears. When her wide lips and big ears are combined, her friends said that she had a monkey face. Numerous negative judges about The Cheryl Burke plastic surgery that comes after she uploads her transformation make her in big depression. She feels that she is never right in front of the media and some people. When she was overweight, they criticized her, and when she has transformed into more ideal body shape and look, hundreds of negative talks attacks her.  This is the point being a celebrity; whether or not Cheryl Burke undergoes plastic surgery, there will be always talking about her.

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